Software Development

We offer software solutions for your needs. Our Agile development process let us achieve your objectives and needs. We aim to products that fit your business and help you daily.


Our culture is of continuous improvement. We believe the best way to achieve it is by sharing our knowledge and helping others in their growth. That's why we offer a great variety of development and management training. Training (spanish only)

We work with passion

We're always thinking on how to be better. We have passion on what we do, and that is showed in the quality of our products and excellent communication with our clients.

About Centaurico

We are 3 entrepreneurs with the dream of making easier the harder. We believe we can change people's lives, and companies by sharpen up their work processes and expanding their horizons. Together we have more than 30 years in the industry and are a team with the best training. We love to be on the cutting edge of technology to be able to fulfill our clients needs and offer quality products that turn your company into a more competitive one. Either by developing a software or providing training, we can help you to get better results. Some examples include:

automating manual processes that consume time and money; create administrators for you to have complete control over your clients, providers or stock; or build custom products that fit your business needs. Moreover, we offer training. We believe that transmitting the knowledge is key to success. When someone is trained, they feel valued and work better. This translates into better results. Our variety of training will allow you to be on the latest developing and management trends. We believe there are other ways of doing things, one in which your daily work is more dynamic and your profit is higher.


Meet our team!

Adrian Paredes

Software engineer, obsessed with creativity and innovation. Always seeking the minimalism and the best value to my clients, users and society. I have more than 10 years of experience in design and development of Java EE applications and with a great variety of technologies.

German Hohmann

Software engineer, highly creative and constantly looking for innovation and improvement. In particular, interested on improving development process, sharing knowledge and opening innovation channels. Most of the experience with software is in backend and middleware Java applications, but currently also working with web technologies and other languages and platforms.

Pablo Blauer

I'm a software development leader with more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. Passionate to build great teams and get the best out of them. Adaptive to any kind of project, always innovating and seeking for better ways achieve work processes, mainly based in agile methodologies.


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