Outsourcing Services

These are the things we do to help our partners reach the sky

build agile teams

Our professionals are cherry-picked to join our teams.
They deliver value often, so you can focus on what is most important.

team management

Teams that continuously improve. This can only get better.

software development

Java and Javascript (Nodejs, Angular and React) are our stacks of choice, but we have experience with others too.
Just ask us.


Play with new technologies and methodologies as a way to improve quality and reduce time to market.


"The people you choose to work with are the best predictor of success" -Jeff Atwood

Pablo Blauer

CEO & Project Manager

Passionate about building great teams and getting the best of them. Always thinking how to improve development processes in an Agile way.

Germán Hohmann

CTO & Team Leader

Highly creative and constantly looking for innovation and improvement. Particularly interested in improving development process.

Adrián Paredes

Software Architect

Obsessed with creativity and innovation. Experienced in design and development of Enterprise applications.


Ricardo Balsimelli

Business Development

Enthusiastic in IT solutions applications that improve company's productivity and profitability, Expert in Computer Systems and Quality Management Diploma. Empathy to understand customers needs.

Paola Grajeda

Software Engineer

Deeply enjoy analyzing and developing software solutions that simplify and solve people’s and enterprises’ real problems.

Diego Saez

Software Engineer

Passionate about the resolution of problems, applying good practices in code design and teamwork.

Osvaldo Lamas

Software Engineer

With more than 15 years of experience in Java technologies, he's always trying to find new insights and challenges.

Leonardo Soubeste

Software Engineer

Seasoned professional with more than 7 years working in big projects, not only in backend but also in frontend technologies.

Juan Cuiule

Software Developer

Responsible, reliable and fast learner. He enjoys new challenges and opportunities to learn and share his knowledge.

Julieta Fajardo

Company's Numbers Keeper

Last but not least, we could not run our business without her ability to keep the company process running and papers organized.

Centaurico made an excellent job by improving our development process.

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3426 Cap. Gral. Ramón Freire
Buenos Aires, Argentina.


pblauer or german.hohmann


+54 911 3516 1234 (Pablo)
+54 911 4161 8928 (Germán)


Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday - Sunday: Best not to ask.
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